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As Fisherman of music I am normally throwing my dragnet into more or less traditional waters fishing for some rare CDs of genres like NWOBHM, old school Death Metal or 90’s Black Metal, from time to time even Power Metal, but last week’s yield presented as catch-by some seldom seen mutation of the genre Metalcore, Nu Metal, a species that I usually would consider as not quite profitable. However, this very exemplar turned out to be a sort of mutation, a hybrid of multiple genres, something that was worthwhile spending some spins. The CD I somehow landed is the debut album of quite a young band named “Neorize” having their origin around Dortmund in Germany. Written between 2012 and 2013 by guitarist Öx (Ex-For Sale, Ex-The Coming Men) and former vocalist Olaf Siebert (Ex-For Sale) the songs found their way into the CD “We The 99” in 2014 under the following constellation: vocals Tim(Honeybadger), guitar Öx(Ex-For Sale,Ex-The Coming Men)], bass Danij(Gloryful,Ex-Lorka) and drums Hazzle(Gloryful,Ex-Symbiontic).

To label this CD simply as Metalcore would not be suitable at any means. For Metalcore this is far too intelligent, far too experienced and far too diversified. Breakdowns for example tend to become kind of boring to me. As guitars and drums follow a rhythm pattern, it happens easily that different variations are exploited and the breakdowns sound all alike. NOT if you still have some creative blood running through your veins as is the case with these 4 men. Breakdowns are either underlined with samples, bass parts or supported by another musical device which makes each of these genre typical elements unique. Of course you often listen to bands that combine one or two genres, but these are mainly limited to subgenres. What makes this thing a hybrid is the fact that styles like Hard Rock and Blues play an important role when listening to the smooth bass layers especially in the calmer parts (songs like “Unbalanced Duality”) or the bass solo in the middle of “A New Deal”.

Guitars apart from the obvious Metalcore riffing seem to be strongly influenced by traditional Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. Take the solo that antecedes the bass solo in “A New Deal” or that virtuosic slap in your face in “Generation Of The Blue”, if that is no classic stuff, what is? Extraordinary and outstanding are especially parts that remind the listener of musical excursions into waters that might territorially seen belong to Power Metal or early 90’s German Hip Hop. Listen to the first seconds of “With Open Eyes”. Somehow the pipes and the drums remind me of Power Metal bands like Aquaria. The first vocal lines in “A New Deal” bring me back to times when German Hip Hop still was intelligent and had something to say, a fish from the North Sea? Also bringing a grin to your face while listening are acoustic guitar layers that make you think you caught this rare fellow somewhere in Mediterranean waters, especially in the theme song “We The 99” or “Biogenetical Embrace”. A delicacy for all those who like weird stuff: “A Former Kings Tale”. This song resembles at some points the good ole waltz making use of 3/4 beats and the Hammond organ.

The way in which these 4 guys play their instruments or use their vocals suggests that there are no amateurs at work. The vocals unlike the song have their balanced duality. While harsh, loud, still well defined in the faster and more aggressive parts, they switch to smooth and soothing from one second to the other. Refreshing for the genre (if you can put it into one) is that the vocals get extreme from time to time without using growls. Everything is sung with clean vocals without losing one inch of effect. Guitars are played in various styles that spread from acoustic parts to genre typical Metalcore riffs over to traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock solos. The bass layers either give the intended drive to breakdowns or rhythmic guitar riffings or they accompany acoustic or calmer parts with mellow Blues-like thought-out runs.

Another toast goes out to the drummer hitting the goddamn thing whenever it has to be hit. Outstanding here are the fill-ins that by playing mainly a variation of tombs never fail to keep the pressure up. This thing here is not a schooling fish, it’s a lone wolf of the sea. This thing here is not a prototype of a hybrid species, this thing is a full-grown, technically mature leader. And above all this is something you can rarely mimic: Put a band together at the beginning of 2014, record songs that have been put together in one year (11!!!), try to do something new, be unconventional and within 5 months put that beast into open waters with a sound quality that exceeds 95% of any demo or debut album of self-made musicians.

Punkte: 9 / 10